Productivity consulting
CAD has always been about being a better way to get from point A to point B.

A common mistake companies make is thinking training is the only component to maximizing efficiency. With today's CAD technology, many productivity tools require integration with your standards and work flow. We understand this and we always highly recommend a total review of your standards and proceedures in an effort to integrate them into your CAD environment.
When considering Civil 3D, it is absolutely imperative to include the upgrade and integration of your standards into the implementation of Civil 3D. We call this Civil 3D Migration.  We have several success stories from our clients who have taken on the wholistic approach to Civil 3D integration.

The Migration process includes:

-Style development to your standards
-CAD standards developed and integrated into ACAD menu
-Educating staff on new procedures, and providing any training on use of new environment

After this very important process, your CAD system will have customized styles, menus, ribbons, and templates that will ensure your standards are consistently used on every project. But most importantly, your standards will automatically be instituted leaving your staff to concentrate on the design and not the presentation.
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